A Summer at Boston University

imageYou would expect a school’s campus to become less active over the summer, but BU maintains the same liveliness that it has during the academic year. Some students stay on campus to complete summer courses, others to conduct research, or to simply work in the Boston area for the summer. 


imageTours are huge at BU over the summer. It’s very common to see a group of visitors following an admissions ambassador across the BU Beach and surround the seal in front of Marsh Chapel, while their tour guide dispels noteworthy information about BU’s campus and history. 

imageOrientation goers also take over BU’s campus; future Terriers can be seen running all over campus as they attend presentations and soak up all that BU has to offer them. WARNING: These groups are large and they occupy the entire sidewalk. Try not to get caught in Orientation rush hour. You can see the amazement on these future students faces as they take their first steps toward their collegiate careers.

Some popular places on campus are also getting a makeover; the Subways and Starbucks coffee shop below Warrant Towers are both undergoing renovation.


imageThese hot spots typically are occupied with crowds of people throughout the day, many of whom are anxiously awaiting the new updates to these two extremely vital locations.

Another wonderful highlight of BU’s campus during the summer is our nature sanctuaries that are easily accessible throughout our campus.imageimageMany visitors love visiting Bay State Road and the BU Beach. Both of these places offer beautiful sights that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to experience in a city setting.

imageMany fall in love with the relaxing environment that these places provide, especially and for those who with a busy life…

image… Kenmore Square is not far away and this location is always buzzing with activity.

Take it from me, there’s always something to do here at BU or in the city of Boston; never making for a dull moment on this lively campus. 

Fritz Jolivain

Boston University 17’


Boston University and I are a match made in heaven. Multicultural Weekend has completely sold me and I’m convinced I’ve made friends for a lifetime. I’m so proud to officially be part of the Class of 2016!

Here’s an awesome post from Gabby, a current BU student and ASDB member, about her MCW experience two years ago!

Welcome to #MCW2014!


Here’s a picture of some fellow Terriers and me (far right!) from Multicultural Community Weekend two years ago! The experience we had at MCW was a great one that convinced us all to attend BU. I still see most of my MCW group around campus and always feel free to catch up with them about all they’re doing here at BU.

Today is the first day of #MCW2014, so here’s a bit of advice for all you admitted students that will be at BU this weekend. MCW is a great chance to get a feel for BU’s campus, students, and the city of Boston, so don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to get a full sense of life here at BU. After all, it may be the place you spend the next four years!

- Barbara, COM ‘16

Five Things You Should Know Before Coming To Multicultural Community Weekend

The night before I arrived into Boston all the way from sunny California for Multicultural Community Weekend (MCW) last year, I felt just like how you might feel: nervous but also excited. I had many anxious thoughts run through my mind about it, but I ended up having an unforgettable time. There were several things that I wish I would have known about before so I didn’t have to feel so scared while entering this new world of Boston University. Luckily, I’m here to share some of these pieces of advice with you:

1) Make sure to bring a sleeping bag

I was one of the many who forgot to bring a sleeping bag to Boston but fortunately my host had an air mattress. However, not every host will be able to provide you with one so be sure to bring your sleeping bag!

2) Be prepared for any kind of weather

Boston, in my opinion, has probably the most spontaneous weather. One week it can be absolutely freezing while the next week can be a shorts and sunglasses kind of climate. Be sure to bring clothes that can withstand any kind of weather for the weekend.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask questions

It can sometimes be a bit intimidating to ask questions in a new place. However, there’s absolutely no need to worry about that because that’s what your host is there for. My host last year was more than happy to answer whatever came across my mind about BU. It’s also really important that you get all your questions answered considering you could be spending your next four years here.

4) Take advantage of what happens during MCW

MCW is not only a time where you meet new people, but it is also a time where you get to experience being a college student for a weekend at BU. We have so many things planned during your visit on campus which can help those who are still on the college decision-making process.

5) Branch out and have fun

For some people, Boston can be a complete culture shock. This can be scary considering you’re stepping into a new world with new people. But remember that everyone else participating in MCW doesn’t know each other yet; they’re all looking for new friends as well. Talk to that guy sitting by himself at the table. Ask the group of people you met that one morning to join you for dinner. Find out why the girl sitting next to you decided to apply to BU. Don’t be afraid to meet your potential classmates, some of them may become your closest friends. And most importantly, have fun.

- Giancarlo, CAS ‘17

Boston University Named The Best Place to Go to College in the U.S. | OneClass Blog

Check this out, current and future Terriers! If you already attend Boston University, then it looks like you made the right choice. If you are planning to apply or have already applied to BU, then look no further. Unigo has named Boston University the top school to attend in the United States.

- Barbara, COM ‘16

10 Pieces of Advice For Students Who Are Not Used to Living In A Polar Vortex

Coming from Southern Spain to Boston was not only a cultural shock, but as October rolled along my freshman year, I realized that making friends and getting settled in was not the only thing I needed to worry about. Whether you’re an incoming student, or a current student who needs a reminder of how to deal with our 4+ months of winter, here are a few tips.

 1. Rain boots are your best friend

Seriously though… stepping into snow banks with non-appropriate shoes will just bring you minutes of misery and possibly frostbite. Rain boots/waterproof shoes will help you avoid the worst moments of your life.

2. Invest in a good parka

Yeah yeah, $200 dollars may seem like a little too much for a winter jacket, but TRUST ME… that thing will be your savior during snow blizzards, especially since BU does not consider cancelling classes necessary unless there’s a foot of snow.

3. Weather apps are not reliable

Look outside of your window before leaving! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve walked out of my dorm in a cute outfit only to have it ruined by rain/sleet/snow/wind/you-name-it… Seriously… weather apps lie. Sunshine? More like 6 inches of snow.

4. Layer it up

Wearing layers is so essential. While it might be in the negatives outside, you’ll soon realize that walking into the College of Arts and Sciences will feel like strolling through the Sahara Desert, and I can tell you from experience that sitting in class with sweat dripping down your back is not the most fun of college experiences.

 5. Keep a stash of food

Sure the dining hall is not THAT far, and if you live in West or Warren you sure are lucky, but for those of you who don’t, even if it’s normally a 5 minute walk to the dining hall, it will seem eternal when it’s snowing so hard that you can’t see 2 feet in front of you. On days like those, you will be thanking the mac & cheese/ramen gods for providing you with such exquisite nutrition.

6. Lastly… Don’t be afraid to go out and play in the snow

Sure it may be your worst enemy when you’re walking to class, but especially if you come from a place where snow is rare, make sure to enjoy it while you can! 

-Gabriella Bastidas SMG ‘16

Social Life of a BU Student

With nearly 500 organizations on campus, one of my favorites is the Fashion Retail Association, otherwise known as FAB, here at BU. Each semester, they host a fashion show that showcases BU talent with sponsors as prestigious as Vince Camuto and Rent the Runway. This past semester, I had the opportunity to go to their fall fashion show, held at the BU 808 Gallery on Commonwealth Avenue. 

The show was glow-themed, with a pre-show (mock)tail party, live DJ, goodie bags from the sponsors, and special performances by BU a capella groups. Not only was the show itself fun to watch, but it was also fun to meet and socialize with more people who also have an interest in fashion. –Megan ‘16

The Thrills of a Snowy Boston!

Hi All! Many of you reading this post may certainly come from a place where snow is a non-existent feature of your climate. I know this firsthand because I am from South Florida. You might have heard that BU, and the rest of the City of Boston, had its first official “snow-day” of the year on February 5, 2014. This may cause some anxiety, but it shouldn’t. There are so many thrills that come along with a snow-day (and a snowy winter in general), but before I address those we must first attend to the elephant in the room: the frigid cold. Elsewhere on this blog we posted an excellent and delightful read about how to survive the cold. Also, we are only in Boston with the advantage of modern technology; Eskimos have lived in much harsher environments without all of the luxuries we enjoy, lol. But that is neither here nor there. Now onto the 3 main reasons why a snow-day at Boston University is awesome!


Once you get to college, you will certainly be studying very hard. It is nice to get a little treat like this. Also, if you have an exam on that day and you have yet to study properly for it, then you have been saved by the snow! Now you have some extra time to study and get that A you so desperately desire. 


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7 Ways to Survive Boston Weather

Last week’s polar vortex has got this California native missing sunshine. But have no fear — there are ways to combat Mother Nature! 

1. Invest in some winter gear

Snow boots, gloves, hats, scarves and all that. Canada Goose is highly recommended for jackets.

2. Layers work, too

If you can’t fully commit to the New England lifestyle just yet (guilty), layering is the way to go! (Warning: Getting ready to go or leave somewhere may be a bit of a hassle.)

3. Maintain a food stash in your dorm room

That two minute walk can seem brutal in the depths of winter.

4. Or order some Domino’s with friends

Sharing is caring. The best part: they take BU dining points!

5. Grab a warm cup of coffee

It makes you awake and warms your hands! (Tea is an acceptable alternative.)

6. Walk through the College of Arts and Sciences building

It sounds silly, but the CAS building covers a whole city block — a whole block of warmth. 

7. Embrace the beauty

A photo I took of the beautiful Bay State Road! As miserable as the cold can be, the snow can be really breathtaking. I wouldn’t want to go to college anywhere else in the world!

Next thing you know it, you’ll be wearing a t-shirt in 50-degree weather. Stay warm, everyone!

- Lauren (COM ‘16)

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Don’t forget to submit your design by tomorrow!!